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About Us.

Spaces that tell stories.
Identities with meaning.
Environments outside

Sella creates interiors, branding, curation and set design for creative-minded clients, dynamic young brands and established global names. Our work spans restaurants and bars, workplaces and retail spaces, hotels and members’ clubs – any environment that seeks to inspire the people within it.

Our clients are diverse in industry, outlook and character but share a common goal: to transport their customers and users outside everyday life, to give them space to breathe and scope to dream.

We create spaces that tell stories. Identities with meaning. Environments outside time. Sensory details that stir emotions and steer behaviours. Places where a thousand compelling moments unfold every day.

Intuition-born, research-driven, and brand-inspired.
Holistic approach. Creative solution.



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The Founders

Tatjana von Stein.

Tatjana is a self-taught designer, qualified in psychology. She was born in Germany, grew up in the Austrian Alps and Paris, and moved to London in 1999. Her career has taken her from the creative sectors of documentaries, theatre and music to international retail and hospitality project development, with set design and interiors a constant thread in her professional journey. As Sella Concept’s interior-architecture lead, she is interested in the psychology of space, the hidden triggers of behaviour and emotion, and the curious intersection between sight, touch and feeling.


Gayle Noonan.

Gayle is an experienced multidisciplinary designer, with a degree in design and visual communication and an HDIP in Fine Art & Design. As Sella Concept’s lead in Branding, whether working on graphic or spatial design, products or events, she seeks to find ways of marrying form and function to brand and identity, building complex stories from simple details. Gayle is fascinated by human narratives and the relationship between person and place.